“The box came together like clockwork, and that’s why I only use U.S. Cooler.”

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Case Study

Organization:  Reel Refrigeration
Organization Representative: Aaron Mouzin, Owner of Reel Refrigeration
Location: Vincennes, IN
Product: Custom Cooler / Freezer Combo Box

U.S. Cooler is proud to have built a network of authorized dealers to sell and install high-quality walk-in coolers and freezers. Reel Refrigeration has been a U.S. Cooler authorized dealer for 15 years now and is dedicated to exclusively working with U.S. Cooler for walk-in cooler and freezer projects. Below is a short case study from Aaron Mouzin, the owner of Reel Refrigeration.

New custom U.S. Cooler walk-in cooler and freezer combo box. Quoted and installed by Reel Refrigeration.

The Problem
Vincennes Lincoln High School was in desperate need of a new walk-in cooler/freezer combo box. The current unit in the high school was installed in 1987 and was beginning to show its age. Many areas of the unit were starting to leak and show frosting, as it was sharing a wall with the freezer. Additionally, there was space above the cooler that needed to be seamlessly covered to abide by health code regulations.

The Solution
Reel Refrigeration, an authorized U.S. Cooler dealer, was called upon to tackle replacing the 1987 cooler. Aaron Mouzin, the owner of Reel Refrigeration, worked with U.S. Cooler to order a custom walk-in cooler/freezer combo box that would fulfill all of the high school’s needs. Aaron admits it was a little challenging when coming up with a solution to cover the space between the walk-in unit and the ceiling, but he was able to work with the U.S. Cooler team to order additional galvalume stock sheets that would attach to the ceiling track. Trim was then added to create a seamless and finished look.

“The box came together like clockwork, and that’s why I only use U.S. Cooler.”

Aaron Mouzin, Owner of Reel Refrigeration

Reel Refrigeration relies on the quality service and product that U.S. Cooler has to offer. Aaron mentioned that due to the easy process of working with the U.S. Cooler team, he will only quote and install U.S. Cooler units.