U.S. Cooler® offers two types of warranties; panel warranty and refrigeration warranty. The panel warranty is guaranteed through U.S. Cooler®. After the unit is purchased, U.S. Cooler® will send a warranty card to the purchaser that should be filled out and returned back to U.S. Cooler® for our records.

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Panel Warranty Information

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uscooler-warrantyU.S. Cooler® Warranty Information

Plain text version:

U.S. Cooler® Ten Year Limited Warranty

U.S. Cooler® Company, Inc. warrants to the original purchaser that the walk-in panels manufactured by the company are free from any defect in material or workmanship under conditions of normal use and service. The obligation of the manufacturer under this warranty shall be limited to repairing or replacing at their option FOB factory, panels of said walk-in which proves defective within ten years from the date of shipment. All hardware carries a standard one-year warranty. This warranty does not include any labor charges for replacement or repair of defective parts.

Refrigeration equipment carries a standard one-year factory warranty for compressor and accessories. The obligation of the manufacturer under this warranty shall be limited to repairing or replacing at their option FOB factory, any part of said refrigeration system which proves defective within one year from the date of purchase. An extended four-year compressor warranty and a 1st day through 5th year labor warranty are also available as an option.

This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied and does not apply to equipment which has been subject to any accident, alteration, abuse, misuse or improper installation. U.S. Cooler® Company, Inc. expressly disclaims all other warranties expressed or implied. The standard warranty does not include any labor charges for replacement or repair of defective parts. In no event shall U.S. Cooler Company®, Inc. be liable for any special, direct or indirect, incidental or consequential damages or for any lost product, lost profits or revenues or other losses or damages caused by lost product or lost profits or revenues, whether for breach of warranty or otherwise. U.S. Cooler’s® warranty does not cover any products installed outside of the continental United States.

For warranty work on your U.S. Cooler® walk-in cooler or freezer, call our Customer Service Department immediately. You will then be advised of the proper procedure to follow. NO warranty work is to be performed without an authorization number, which will be provided by the Customer Service Manager. U.S. Cooler® assumes no responsibility for work performed without an authorization number.

Go to www.uscooler.com/warranty-registration/ to register online for your 10 Year Panel Warranty.

Refrigeration Warranty

Extended warranty on our refrigeration units is optional, but recommended. Commercial refrigeration/foodservice equipment is high-tech and expensive. Equipment failure can occur resulting in a tremendous expense from repairs, replacement parts, and labor expenses. Equipment owners can save hundreds of dollars with an Extended Service Agreement.

U.S. Cooler® offers extended warranties on refrigeration through Service Net. Service Net is one of the largest warranty insurance companies in the industry. “Each extended service agreement is secured under a contractual liability policy underwritten and insured by an A.M. Best “A Excellent” rated insurance company.”

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Labor Allowance
Claim Form
Servicing Dealer Enrollment
Terms Conditions

(These are pdf files. If you do not have a pdf reader please visit get.adobe.com/reader )


Please refer to Service Net’s terms and conditions located on the Service Net Extended Service Agreement for complete listing of all conditions. This is only a guide.
Covered Repairs Included

  • Mechanical failures of covered equipment during normal operation.
  • Accessories provided additional coverage is purchased.


  • Repairs as a result of installation error.
  • Repairs resulting in a lack of proper maintenance.
  • Acts of God, war, terrorism, earthquake, flood, lightning, hurricane, etc.

Claim Procedure:

Coverage is limited to the equipment itself, i.e. no ductwork, field piping, etc., and does not include nuisance
calls or normal maintenance. See the specifics concerning exclusions listed on the back of the actual service
To File a Claim Please include the following:

  • SelecRate Completed Claim Form
  • SelecRate Agreement Number
  • Original Service Ticket with Customer Signature
  • Model and Serial Number of Equipment

When multiple repairs are made, the highest repair code will be first, the second repair will be at ¾ of the
following highest code and the third and final code will be at ½.
This may be mailed or faxed to:
Service Net
Attn: Claims Department
PO Box 3368
Oak Brook, IL 60522