Walk-In Coolers

Walk- in coolers are large storage coolers used to store products at refrigerated temperatures.  Walk-in coolers are essential in numerous applications including restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores, floral markets, breweries and food warehouses. Walk-in coolers are available in standard sizes as well as custom designs to fit your needs. Coolers are available with or without an insulated floor. The walk-in’s location, application, and cold storage needs will determine if an insulated floor is needed or not.

Walk in coolers

U.S. Cooler® walk-ins are designed with flexibility to meet your needs. We offer a selection of standard sized walk-in coolers as well as custom sized units that can be built to your specifications.

All U.S. Cooler® products meet or exceed EISA requirements.

U.S. Cooler’s® walk-in panels consist of inner and outer metal skins, a 4” insulation core, and are equipped with cam-action locking devices. Our cam-action locking systems combined with our heavy-duty gaskets provide an air tight seal between panels to prevent any air infiltration. We manufacture quality walk-in coolers used in numerous applications across the country. Our walk-ins are easy to install and just as easy to relocate or expand.

All U.S. Cooler® products meet or exceed EISA requirements.


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