Walk-In Cooler / Freezer Combo

If you are in need of a walk-in cooler and freezer, we manufacture walk-in combinations that include both the cooler and freezer in one unit. Our combination units are usually custom sized to our customer’s specific requirements. Freezer access doors can be external or located inside the cooler section.

4” Extruded Polystyrene insulation or Foamed-In-Place Polyurethane used in both the cooler and freezer of the combination walk-in. The cooler portion is available with or without a floor.

Insulation quality of walk-ins is often measured by R-value; the resistance to heat flow through an object. Since EISA was implemented January 1, 2009, all walk-in manufactures are required to have an R-value of R-32 for freezers. Now that all manufacturers follow the same requirements, the performance of the insulation is what differentiates the walk-in. All U.S. Cooler® products meet or exceed EISA requirements. The R-value for our freezers is R-32.4, exceeding the required standards.

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