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Going Grey

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After more than 35 years in business, US Cooler is going grey! We’re excited to introduce our new extruded polystyrene foam panels in grey. While still demanding the highest standards of our insulated panels, we will be transitioning to a reformulated, lower Global Warming Potential (GWP) Extruded Polystyrene Rigid Foam Insulation.

Reducing global warming potential (GWP), while offering the same thermal performance, moisture resistance, durability and ease of use you’ve come to expect.

Our grey foam will maintain its superior insulation properties, carrying a R-Value of R-8.1 per square inch while complying with increased environmental regulations.

Currently, 11 states and Canada have implemented a phase-down in hydrofluorocarbons in an attempt to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. At US Cooler, we are phasing in the more sustainable Low GWP foam across all territories, even in those states that haven’t adopted the stricter standard.

While the chemical makeup of the extruded foam has been modified in the new, grey foam there is no change to the functionality of the foam within our panels. This means that you can expand a US Cooler walk-in cooler or freezer using the updated panels and they will fit seamlessly with your existing, blue foam box.

If you have any questions regarding our new, grey extruded polystyrene foam panels please reach out to your US Cooler Regional Sales Manager. As always, our first priority at US Cooler is providing high-quality walk-in freezers and cooler with exceptional customer service.

U.S. Cooler is Fully Stocked with Extruded Insulation

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U.S. Cooler has an unlimited supply of Extruded Insulation and has additional production capability for Extruded Walk-in cooler and freezer products.  Due to the industry-wide supply chain disruptions, U.S. Cooler has a limited supply of Foamed-in-Place Polyurethane (FIP) foam. All current orders are being fulfilled without any delay. 

U.S. Cooler is proud to be an expert manufacturer in both Extruded insulation (XPS) and Foamed-in-Place Polyurethane (FIP) walk-in coolers and freezers. Both insulations are typically readily available to walk-in manufacturers. However, recent economic events have caused a disruption in the supply chain for FIP foam. U.S. Cooler is able to fulfill all current FIP orders without any delay. We have a limited supply of FIP foam available and would encourage customers to consider extruded insulation for upcoming projects. Both types of insulation are great products and work well for a multitude of applications. Curious about the benefits of each insulation product and what would work best for your project or interested in switching your project to Extruded insulation? Let us help you decide!

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“The box came together like clockwork, and that’s why I only use U.S. Cooler.”

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Case Study

Organization:  Reel Refrigeration
Organization Representative: Aaron Mouzin, Owner of Reel Refrigeration
Location: Vincennes, IN
Product: Custom Cooler / Freezer Combo Box

U.S. Cooler is proud to have built a network of authorized dealers to sell and install high-quality walk-in coolers and freezers. Reel Refrigeration has been a U.S. Cooler authorized dealer for 15 years now and is dedicated to exclusively working with U.S. Cooler for walk-in cooler and freezer projects. Below is a short case study from Aaron Mouzin, the owner of Reel Refrigeration.

New custom U.S. Cooler walk-in cooler and freezer combo box. Quoted and installed by Reel Refrigeration.
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