U.S. Cooler® manufactures high-quality walk-in coolers, freezers, and combination units at competitive prices. These installations are used for all types of cold storage such as food service, restaurants, convenience stores, floral stores, grocery stores, warehouses, schools, and institutions.

Our walk-in units are constructed to the customer’s specific needs. Each panel is engineered to provide quick and easy assembly. All walk-ins are pre-assembled at our manufacturing facility to assure all locking mechanisms and panels join together efficiently. The end result is a quality, sealed walk-in unit when assembled at its final location. Our panels are then packaged to ensure a safe arrival at the job site.

With these attractive qualities and customization elements offered at reasonable prices, U.S. Cooler® is the best choice to fulfill all of your walk-in cooler and freezer needs.

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Brew Cave ®

The Brew Cave® is the largest kegerator on the residential market. It can hold over 30 cases of beer along with 6 kegs just in case. The refrigeration is designed to hold the inside temperature at a crisp 32 degrees, and our modular panels consist of 4” thick vapor-proof insulation to ensure a refreshing experience for each and every beer.

The Brew Cave® unit is shipped to you quickly with setup taking only a couple of hours! The Brew Cave® includes a draft beer dispensing system for convenience and can be retrofitted with more taps. It also has a locking glass door to deter would-be beer thieves. Whether you want to entertain guests, run a small bar, share your homebrews or keep it all to yourself, the Brew Cave® is your beer storage solution.

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Restaurant & Food-service

U.S. Cooler® recognizes the need for quick delivery and custom designs for restaurant applications. With a wealth of experience in providing cold storage to single restaurants, restaurant chains, and other commercial foodservice applications, U.S. Cooler® knows what is important to restaurant owners and operators.

U.S. Cooler® offers cooler/freezer combinations, indoor or outdoor boxes, and angled units to utilize the space of your restaurant. Our walk-ins provide years of reliable efficient service and are built to thrive in even the highest traffic commercial kitchens. Internal and external ramps are available to provide easy access for rolling carts. Shelving kits and strip curtains are also available upon request. All walk-in units and components are National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) certified.

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Display Coolers & Beer Caves

With over 35 years of experience in the industry, walk-in and reach-in display storage for convenience stores is an application we excel at.

We offer custom-designed angled cold vaults, beer caves, glass doors, display shelving, and more to perfectly fit your floor plan. Unlike other manufacturers, we don’t charge extra for customization. U.S. Cooler® has extensive experience designing and producing custom walk-ins for virtually any application.

Beer Cave storage coolers are a popular trend in convenience and liquor stores. U.S. Cooler® has years of experience designing beer caves to suit our customer’s needs.

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Floral Display & Storage Coolers

Our floral coolers are made with the same premium quality materials as all our other products. Our custom abilities allow us to produce any size unit to fit your specific needs.

Storage walk-in coolers and display coolers are one of our specialties here at U.S. Cooler®. Our floral coolers are perfect for use by florists, grocery floral departments, and convenience stores. They feature refrigeration that holds temperature constant and is high humidity and low velocity which allows for the proper storage of delicate flowers and plants. Our floral coolers are a great investment for your business and will perform for many years to come.

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Food Banks & Pantries

U.S. Cooler® excels at manufacturing walk-in coolers and walk-in freezers used for bulk food storage. We have built numerous units that have been put to good use at food banks and food pantries around the nation. Our walk-ins are top quality, energy-efficient, and provide many years of reliable service. Each unit is test-assembled at our factory for quality assurance and a trouble-free installation. We offer dozens of standard-size configurations or we can customize a walk-in to suit your needs and space requirements. We also provide accessories such as cart ramps and commercial-grade shelving that are vital to foodservice operations. Contact us and see why U.S. Cooler’s® walk-in coolers & freezers are the best value in the industry.

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Grocery Stores & Supermarkets

U.S. Cooler® has produced many walk-ins for large supermarket chains, so we are familiar with the needs that accompany these orders.

Refrigeration costs account for roughly half of electricity costs for grocery stores, so efficiency in this market segment is vital. To reduce energy consumption, some grocery chains are even installing “walk-in dairy rooms”. Similar in concept to a “beer cave”, a customer can walk into this refrigerated dairy room to get the milk, cheese, or even deli meat they need. Reach-in refrigerators & freezers with glass doors can also be a great energy-saving alternative to open-air refrigerators. Additionally, backroom refrigerated storage walk-ins may be necessary to keep produce and other products fresh while waiting to be stocked. With a full line of walk-in accessories available and years of experience, U.S. Cooler® can provide for your grocery store needs, whatever the application.

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Meat & Game Lockers

Quickly cool, hang and perfectly age game meat the way professional butchers and game processors do. Game Lockers will give you additional room for storage while keeping your meat fresh and cool. Our game walk-in coolers have an overhead rail system with sturdy game hooks to hold the meat. Perfect for storing deer, turkey, or any other wild game, and can be used year-round for storing other food and beverages.

Our game meat refrigerators are available in two sizes with or without a floor:

Game Lockers come standard with:

  • 4” thick insulation which reduces wear and tear on the refrigeration system.
  • Self-contained, saddle mount refrigeration system.
  • Overhead rail system with gambrel and hoist to hold meat (8 gambrels with 6X8, 6 with 6X6).
  • Interior light
  • Self-closing door.
  • Keyed lock in handle with two keys.


  • Shelving – options available upon request.

Easy Installation:

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Mortuary Body Boxes

White Mortuary Body Box.

Morgue & mortuary body refrigerators are available in both custom and standard sizes for your convenience. Standard models hold 3 bodies.

U.S. Cooler’s® mortuary refrigerators are built to meet the demands of Funeral Directors, Coroners, Medical Labs, and many other temperature-controlled environments. These systems come equipped with a heavy-duty stationary rack system for ease of loading and unloading. Our high-quality, energy-efficient mortuary refrigerators are made to meet sanitation requirements and are NSF and UL approved.

Mortuary Brochure

Product Specifications

Standard Size: 3 Person Body Box — 7’8” x 3’1” x 5’6 ½” with floor (Custom sizes available)

Interior/ Exterior Finish: White Galvanized, White Smooth, Stainless Steel, Black Galvanized, Galvalume

Insulation: Expanded Polystyrene or Extruded Polystyrene

Shelving System: Heavy-duty 3 tier roll out shelving (View additional shelving options)

Refrigeration System: Top Mount Self Contained Unit

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Cold Storage Warehouse

Our lightweight, easy to assemble, cold storage warehouse applications have internal and external supports to ensure maximum strength and stability.

We also provide sliding doors and large walk-through doors to accommodate personnel and equipment. U.S. Cooler® specifically designs and engineers the refrigeration systems after analyzing over 100 design and application factors. This helps ensure that, whatever size cold storage unit, our customers can be assured of efficient and consistent refrigeration.

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