U.S. Cooler® has the best customer support program in the industry. We are available to answer your questions and problems every step of the way. From the initial quote request through product delivery, there is a customer service representative ready and able to facilitate.

Our customers are important to us and we want to make sure someone is available to help you at all times throughout the day. Your calls are always answered with a real person ready to assist your needs; no automated phone systems.

Technology is a vital part of our business and we value our success with our automated systems and programs. We are always able to provide you with a quote within 24 hours and usually within an hour. Our automated programs also allow U.S. Cooler® to provide our customers with support tools on our website such as the drawing tool.  The drawing program allows you to create a drawing of any sized standard nominal walk-in cooler, freezer or combination unit on our website within a few minutes.

For quality assurance purposes each walk-in is set-up in our plant before it is shipped. We make sure the panels were manufactured properly and fit together correctly to ensure ease of installation in the field.

If you run into any problems or questions please contact our customer service department immediately at 800-521-2665. Or email Customer Service.