Keeping Your Walk-in Cooler Clean

By October 31, 2022Uncategorized

Tips and Tricks from U.S. Cooler

As the world works against the growing pandemic, cleanliness has become a leading topic of discussion. We are aware now more than ever of how clean the surfaces around us really are. There are many surfaces around us, covered in bacteria, that we pass without cleaning regularly. Do not let your walk-in cooler be one of those forgotten areas.

While germs can be dangerous, even in colder temperatures, the biggest problem for a walk-in cooler can be the growth of mold. There are various types of mold, some of which are harmful and can cause illnesses. To avoid getting mold in your cooler, it is important to clean your cooler on a regular basis. Check out the following cleaning tips from U.S. Cooler to find out how to keep your walk-in cooler in exceptional shape!

  • Keep an Eye out for Spills

Spillage from food can be a breeding ground for mold. It is essential to inspect your walk-in often and look for any liquid that may have leaked out of containers or food items. By cleaning up spills quickly, the risk of mold growth will dramatically decrease.

  • Remove Spoiled Items

Make sure to check the dates of food items and remove them as they expire. Spoiled food can grow mold and release spores that land on surfaces and other food items. Keep all food covered with plastic wrap to avoid mold contamination, and space items slightly apart from one another to allow the air to circulate. Doing this will help reduce condensation and the growth of mold.

  • Close the Door

The cooler door should stay closed at all times. Not only does this allow for energy efficiency, but it also keeps the temperature regulated and condensation out of the cooler. Make sure to keep the door of your walk-in closed when not in use and never prop the door open.

  • Soap and Water

Make sure to use regular soap and water to clean the surfaces of your walk-in cooler. The soap and water will break down any mold and bacteria while being gentle enough to use on the metal surfaces. Using harsh chemicals could harm the metal finish of your walk-in. For a complete list of chemicals that should not be used, click here.

  • Clean the Evaporator and Condensing Coils

The evaporator and condensing coils need to be cleaned bi-annually at the minimum. Like the cooler surfaces, use regular soap and water to clean these components. Adding in a stiff-bristled brush will also help to loosen debris. A clean and well-working evaporator and condensing coil will keep your cooler dry.

  • Drain Lines

Make sure the drain lines of your walk-in stays unclogged and free from debris. Work with a service tech to clean the lines at least once a year.

  • Door Gaskets

While cleaning the inside surfaces of your cooler, go ahead and clean the door gasket as well. Like everything else, use soap and water to clean the gasket. Regular cleaning of this component will prevent any mold and bacteria from growing. While cleaning, inspect the surface of the door gasket and look for any debris, cracks, or stiffness. If there are any flaws with the gasket it may be time to head on over to Walk-in Cooler Parts and order a replacement.

  • Floors

To keep mold from growing, frequently inspect the floors of your walk-in. Sweep and mop using soap and water.

  • The Door Handle

Do not forget to sanitize the door handle of your walk-in daily. Use soap and water to remove bacteria and germs from this high traffic surface.

  • Keeping it Cool

Watch the temperature of your cooler and make sure it stays regulated. Not only will this avoid food from spoiling, but it may also reduce the growth of mold spores.

By following these regular cleaning habits, your walk-in cooler will be free of bacteria and mold all year round. For more tips and tricks for your walk-in, subscribe to the Cooler Connection blog and check out the U.S. Cooler Facebook page!