Refrigeration Solutions for Craft Breweries

brewery countThe craft brewery industry has seen exponential growth this decade, fueled by consumer demand for full-flavored beers. According to the Brewers Association there are 3,040 breweries operating in the U.S., 99% of which are small, independent craft breweries.1 With thousands more breweries in the planning stages, this trend shows no sign of slowing.

The logistics of how to keep beer cold and fresh before shipping to the consumer is vital to the success of any craft brewer. That’s why Brew Cave by U.S. Cooler is introducing their new line of walk-in coolers for the brewery industry. Brew Cave is best known for its walk-in kegerator for residential bars, but now produces everything from keg storage warehouses to tap house coolers.

tapped kegs
Kegs rigged up to supply a tasting room.

Every brewery has unique needs and budgets. Brew Cave’s flexible design process allows them to easily create custom walk-in coolers. Whether the cooler needs to be angled, have reach-in glass doors, operate with minimum sound, be located outdoors or any other special case, Brew Cave is up to the task. Their parent company U.S. Cooler has been in operation since 1986 and its employees have extensive experience catering to a wide assortment of industries from bars, convenience and grocery stores to scientific and manufacturing facilities.

beer warehouse
Cold storage warehouse to hold cases and kegs prior to shipment.

Quality and efficiency are Brew Cave’s highest priority. Every refrigerator is comprised of 4-inch thick insulated panels which provide maximum energy efficiency. Storing kegs and cases in these well-insulated environments can save breweries thousands of dollars each year in cooling costs. Utilizing refrigeration units from top manufacturers ensures recently brewed beer is cooled evenly and held at the proper temperature without fluctuation. Each panel is precisely cut by an automated process and every refrigerator is test-assembled for quality control. To learn more about Brew Cave’s brewery walk-in coolers, visit