2010: SCHOTT-Gemtron Announces CrossFire LED Lighting at Reduced Pricing

Editor’s Note: This press release was published in 2010.  As of 2015, Gemtron has exited the glass door business and has handed off operations to Anthony International. The CrossFire is now available as the Anthony StarFire.

Tim Dye, Director of Sales and Marketing of SCHOTT Gemtron announced today that Tundra™, Sierra™, and Polar™ door models will be offered with CrossFire™ LED lighting at standard T-8 pricing. Dye stated, “SCHOTT Gemtron continues to lead the industry by being the first glass door manufacturer to provide LED technology at this price level.” Dye continued by stating, “LED lighting has been a solution for our customers for the last 5 years, and now we are making it even more affordable.”

CrossFire™ LED lighting has proven to be the solution for the harsh cold environments of the commercial refrigeration industry. This lighting is the perfect application for Super Markets, Convenience Stores, Buying Clubs, Drug Stores, and any other retailer that utilizes glass display doors in their merchandising endeavors.convenience store cooler

Dye also stated, “With this major price reduction all retailers can utilize this technology and feel confident that they are maximizing their sales efforts.”

CrossFire™ LED offers over 1600 lux to the center of the shelf while using as little as 15 watts per opening (door). The CrossFire™ LED system is backed by the industry leading 5 year warranty and will supply over 75,000 hours of unparalleled performance.

Tundra™ – Energy-Free Performance for Normal-Temperature Environments
SCHOTT Gemtron’s Tundra™ door system is perfect for energy conscious retailers-combining practical features such as energy efficiency and low maintenance with an attractive design that protects against condensation up to 74% relative humidity. Built for normal-temperature environments, Tundra™ delivers rugged, durable, reliable performance. Standard CrossFire™ LED lighting, black or white post.

Sierra™ – A Clear Advantage for High-Humidity Environments
For the most demanding normal-temperature conditions, Sierra™ doors and frames offer a clear advantage: standard CrossFire™ LED Lighting, excellent visibility and guaranteed performance. Designed for high-humidity applications, SCHOTT Gemtron’s Sierra™ product line ensures optimal merchandise displays under the toughest conditions.

Polar™ – The High-Performing Solution for Low-Temperature Applications
In low-temperature environments, retailers are looking for high performance, durable construction, and exceptional energy efficiency-and Polar™ door systems from SCHOTT Gemtron were developed with these real-world needs in mind. With industry-leading product features, such as standard CrossFire™ LED lighting, Polar™ sets the standard for low temperature displays.

About SCHOTT Gemtron Corporation

SCHOTT Gemtron Corporation (Sweetwater, Tenn.) is a joint venture of AGC Flat Glass North America, Inc. and the majority shareholder SCHOTT. AGC is a subsidiary of Asahi Glass Co. Ltd., one of the world’s largest float-glass organizations. SCHOTT is a technology-driven, international group that sees its core purpose as the lasting improvement of living and working conditions through special materials and high-tech solutions. SCHOTT’s Flat Glass business has operations in Europe, Asia, South America, and North America, with SCHOTT Gemtron serving North American customers.

SCHOTT Gemtron Corporation is a leading manufacturer and fabricator of glass, metal and molded components for the commercial refrigeration industry. Through expert solutions and close collaboration with customers, SCHOTT Gemtron Corporation delivers a steady stream of innovation and value to its worldwide customers and partners.

  • bill April 6, 2011 at 5:46 am

    Im looking for dimming capability for the crossfire LED lighting. I would like to use the product but with dimming and a motion sensor is this possible? If so can you send me a diagram how to do it? I know how the 24v LED lights work with a driver, controller and sensor but the crossfire you just use the 110v supply and thats it? Please let me know how I can better understand your product.
    Thank You

    • U.S. Cooler April 8, 2011 at 6:55 pm

      The Crossfire LED’s do not have dimming capability, however Polaris LED’s can be dimmed and have the built in capability to be controlled by motion sensors. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rlcttd9cyV8 This video will show you what can be done when motion sensors are equipped. Contact Gemtron at 800.326.2717 for technical info of setting them up.

  • Peter Simon November 22, 2011 at 9:12 pm

    I needed the pricing for LED light that goes in the cooler doors for 6′ long and about 14 strips.

  • Dave Tilley March 6, 2015 at 5:56 pm

    Why doesnt the wiring look like proper 110 volt colors to wire those doors up theres a brown and blue.. anyone know how to power those doors

  • brian finnegan August 17, 2015 at 4:15 pm

    where can i purchase ballast for cooler door lighting?
    model #44bal120fih2

  • Chris August 18, 2016 at 8:28 am

    Trying to figure out why one of my sections of door led lighting is now blinking. We shut down cooler overnight to paint shelving, then turned it back on in am. One section (5 doors) lighting on that switch, now blinks constantly. It kind of goes from dim to bright then off rapidly and keeps repeating cycle. Any idea how to fix? It’s a Schott Polaris — door system is Schott Gemtron

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