New Kodiak Glass Doors for Beer Caves

Editor’s Note: As of 2015 SCHOTT Gemtron has exited the glass door market.

Over the last several years the trend in the convenience store industry has been to add “beer caves” to the retail area.

This environment has proven to increase bulk beer sales by over 300% in some studies. These types of success stories have convinced some store owners to offer bulk product in temperatures at or below 35 degrees.

The result of this success in sales has increased customer traffic in the cold rooms and therefore caused an increased performance demand on conventional style “walk-in entry doors”.heavy duty galls door

SCHOTT Gemtron has been evaluating this environment and determined that the best solution is a walk-in entry door that can hold up to this demanding retail area.

Tim Dye, Director of Sales and Marketing announced today that SCHOTT Gemtron has introduced the Kodiak® line of commercial refrigerator doors. “This innovative design will offer the store owner a product that will withstand the high volume usage that beer caves generate”. He continued by stating “our engineering team has studied the harsh environment and developed a product that will withstand the demanding conditions”.

Standard features include a hydraulic door closure with door stop, lock, push bar, and 2-3/4” door rail. The Kodiak is available as a 36” wide door with either a single or double configuration. Customers can specify an energy free design or a heated glass option for high humidity locations. Both black and silver satin finishes are available.

One feature that will set Kodiak apart from all other walk-in entry doors is the locking mechanism. The lock itself is industrial-grade and is used on both the single or double door design. When the double entry door is installed the right hand door has “thumb lifts” that when engaged inserts a rod upward into the frame and another one down into the rod receiver. This design assures that the doors are locked and secured at 3 points instead of the traditional one location. Dye also stated “SCHOTT Gemtron continues to lead the commercial refrigeration industry in innovation. While listening to our customer base and the industry the new Kodiak Heavy Duty Walk-In entry door will redefine the standards for beer caves”.

Kodiak® Doors Feature:

  • Industrial-Grade Components
  • Designed for Harshest Environments
  • 5 Year Warranty
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