Craft Brewery Finds Chilling Solution


Sun King Brewery, like many other craft brewers, is located in a downtown area. There isn’t much space for a condensing unit, and complicating the situation further was the fact that the arrangement of the building didn’t allow for the unit to be at the back of the building. It needed to be right in front, next to the walk-in space, and within close proximity of the main parking and front entrance. A discreet solution was critical.
Another important feature for Sun King’s refrigeration system was the reliability. Hundreds of barrels of beer are stored in this walk-in cooler. For a small enterprise, protecting that investment is a business critical issue.


U.S. Cooler, a manufacturer of walk-in coolers and freezers, met with Sun King Brewing about their walk-in cooler needs. Once they understood the demanding requirements of the applications in terms of efficiency, reliability, sound, and discreet look, they immediately recommended the Copeland Scroll™ Outdoor Condensing Unit XJ Series.

Shortly after installation, the refrigeration system was not working. A quick check of the XJ onboard CoreSense™ Diagnostics indicated that there were no compressor or unit issues.

The servicing contractor was able to quickly pinpoint the problem at the evaporator and get the system back up and running. Since start-up, the system has been running flawlessly with no interruption to refrigerating the product. The chart below shows the sound level of the XJ condensing unit compared to a typical outdoor condensing unit.sound decibels


copeland scroll condenser Two six-horsepower Copeland Scroll Outdoor Condensing Units (XJ) were installed 50 feet from the front door by the main parking stalls, a noise- and sight-sensitive area.
• Built-in CoreSense Diagnostics have helped protect the investment since September 2010 with no system downtime.
• Sun King Brewing is planning an expansion requiring more walk-in cooler space. One more XJ unit has been speced out for the job.

2- Sound values shown represent the XJ unit’s lowest and highest operating dBA measurements, or typical industry outdoor unit published data, for both MT and LT products. Sound pressure values are 10 feet from the unit at 25F evap for MT and -10F ambient. A sound reduction of up to 3 dBA will occur in ambient temperatures below 70F. This data is typical of “free field” conditions for horizontal air cooled condensing units and may vary depending on the condensing unit installation. There are many factors that affect the sound reading of a condensing unit such as unit mounting, reflecting walls, background noise and operating condition.


The Copeland Scroll Outdoor Condensing Unit XJ Series ranges in size from 1.5-6 HP, and offers energy savings of up to 40% compared to standard industry condensing units, making it perfectly suited for many walk-in cooler and freezer applications. The XJ Series unit incorporates multiple advances in refrigeration as standard features into a single unit solution, including:
• The latest generation Copeland Scroll refrigeration compressors which have been optimized for the highest annual energy efficiency
• Ultra-quiet and efficient variable-speed PSC fan motors
• Large condenser coils for more efficient heat transfer
• High efficiency fan blade design
• Proprietary electronic algorithms to optimize energy performance
• Exclusive Enhanced Vapor Injection (EVI) circuit on low temperature units for added capacity and system efficiency
• Exclusive CoreSense™ Diagnostics to enable faster, more accurate service, along with compressor protection benefits to lower total lifecycle costs
The XJ Series unit’s slim profile, light weight, wall mount
capability, and sound reduction features may also offer
customers added benefits from:
• Crane rental savings
• Flexible location options previously not available
• Ease of installation and service savings
• Compliance with noise ordinances
• A more attractive and quieter atmosphere for neighbors and customers

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