Energy Efficient Copeland Scroll Compressors for Walk-ins

Copeland Scroll Refrigeration Compressor

Save valuable resources with energy efficient Copeland Scroll compressors, permanent split capacitor motors and electronically commutated evaporator motors on your next refrigeration system purchase. Scroll condensing units are available for medium and low temperature refrigeration applications. The condensing units are optimized to work with HFC refrigerant R-404A, a reliable alternative to HCFC R-22. As the energy efficiency trend increases, the use of scroll compressors is a more important feature than ever before. Scroll compressors are inherently more reliable because they have significantly fewer moving parts and handle liquid slugs and debris more effectively. The scroll technology has only three moving parts, as compared to the standard hermetic compressors that have 150 plus moving parts. Scroll is effective in using less energy or amp draws verses the standard hermetic compressor. Copeland studies indicate that up to a 15% reduction in energy use is experienced for most applications. When adding the benefit of PSC motors on condensers and EC motors for evaporators, energy use will decrease. Sizing refrigeration equipment to operate for 14 to 16 hours instead of the traditional 16 to 18 hour run time will also save energy by using less kilowatts and costing less to operate compressors and motors.

Also, remember to clean the condenser coil every month, to get rid of dirt and grime that can cause higher condensing temperatures and further reduce condensing performance. A 5% increase in ambient change reduces performance by 3%. Purchasing newer energy efficient equipment along with U.S. Cooler’s new cooler meeting 2009 standards will be a wise move, smoother running and a more profitable operation.

EC Motor Startup

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