Why U.S. Cooler® Walk-Ins

Custom Design Without the Custom Price Tag

Our walk-in units are designed and constructed to the customer’s specific needs. We can design boxes of any shape, size and offer two types of high R-value insulation. Unlike other manufacturers, we don’t charge extra customization. Each panel is computer engineered to provide quick and easy assembly. All walk-ins are pre-assembled at our manufacturing facility to assure all locking mechanisms and panels join together correctly. Our panels are then packaged to ensure a safe arrival at the job site. The end result is a quality, sealed walk-in unit when assembled at its final location.

Unparalleled Customer Support

Our highly experienced sales staff is here for you before during and after the sale. Each customer is assigned a sales and sales support person for all your business. When you call U.S. Cooler®, you’ll be greeted by a real person and transferred to someone who can help. Our staff always responds quickly to quotation requests.

Quality Refrigeration

U.S. Cooler® provides refrigeration systems that are designed to provide many years of reliable service. These systems include components from quality manufacturers who provide nationwide support for their products. Units are available in a variety of configurations including: remote, top mount self-contained, side mount self-contained, pre-assembled non-charged, and pre-assembled pre-charged.

The Best Add-ons

U.S. Cooler® also provides all the top-quality walk-in accessories to fit your specific needs. Outside ramps, rain roofs, strip curtains, shelving, glass doors, and audio-visual alarms just to name a few. Top-of-the-line accessories accompany every walk-in leaving for its final destination. When these accessories are supplied, you are assured that the entire package is configured according to your specifications.

With these attractive qualities and customization elements, all offered at reasonable prices, U.S. Cooler® is the best choice to fulfill all of your walk-in cooler and freezer needs.

Since 1986 U.S. Cooler® has designed and manufactured the best quality walk-in freezers, walk-in coolers and combination units at low competitive prices. These installations are used for all types of cold storage settings. Various applications include restaurants, bars, breweries, convenience stores, florists, food banks, grocery stores, warehouses, schools and institutions.