If you have large quantities of cases of beer or kegs that need storing, Brew Cave® can help. We’ve designed dozens of modular refrigerated warehouse buildings. Our warehouses consist of lightweight panels that are easy to assemble and contain a 4″ insulating foam core to hold the cold in.

Custom Configurations

No matter how large or small the project, let us know your requirements and Brew Cave® will build a warehouse to suit. Your warehouse can be located indoors, or outdoors with the use of a vinyl rain roof and sloped foam. We can partition the warehouse if you need to have separate rooms with different holding temperatures. Our warehouses can be fitted with large doors to accommodate forklifts or built with openings for garage doors.


Brew Cave® refrigerated warehouses utilize 4-inch thick insulated panels that exceed efficiency standards for walk-ins set by EISA. These panels create an airtight seal with tongue and groove construction and gasketed edges. Efficient and powerful refrigeration systems are supplied to keep all your beer chilled while awaiting shipment.

brewery warehouse

Tap Houses

For the craft brewery, a tap house where your fans can enjoy a pint of your freshest brew is almost mandatory. Our walk-in coolers for tap houses provide the perfect solution to keeping your beer ice cold. Beer taps can be affixed to the side of the cooler, or can be dispensed from a remote bar area.


No matter how many beers you want to have on tap, Brew Cave® can design you a storage cooler with shelving to house the kegs you want to have on-tap. We design angled coolers to work with your existing space as well as coolers that are located outdoors. Glass doors with reach-in shelving are optional for quick access to individual bottles, cases or growlers. Our walk-in coolers can be skinned to match the decor of your tap house. We have standard metal finishes and over 20 different color options to choose from. Besides walk-in coolers, we also manufacture under-counter refrigerators that give you quick access to your kegs.


Our panels exceed efficiency standards for walk-ins set by EISA and utilize closed-cell foam for moisture resistance. These panels create an airtight seal with tongue and groove construction and gasketed edges. Insulated floors are not required in walk-in coolers but are available for those seeking maximum efficiency. Our standard galvalume finish provides rust and corrosion resistance for damp environments. This finish helps to protect the insulation and will keep your walk-in operating efficiently for years to come. Efficient refrigeration systems are supplied to conform to your space requirements and holding temperature for your beer. Other options to increase the efficiency of your walk-in are available such as vinyl strip curtains and LED lighting.

Brewery Taproom.