Grocery Stores & Supermarkets

U.S. Cooler® has produced many walk-ins for large supermarket chains, so we are familiar with the needs that accompany these orders.

Refrigeration costs account for roughly half of electricity costs for grocery stores, so efficiency in this market segment is vital. To reduce energy consumption, some grocery chains are even installing “walk-in dairy rooms”. Similar in concept to a “beer cave”, a customer can walk into this refrigerated dairy room to get the milk, cheese or even deli meat they need. Reach-in refrigerators & freezers with glass doors can also be a great energy saving alternative to open-air refrigerators. Additionally, backroom refrigerated storage walk-ins may be necessary to keep produce and other products fresh while waiting to be stocked. With a full line of walk-in accessories available and years of experience, U.S. Cooler® can provide for your grocery store needs, whatever the application.


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