Meat & Game Lockers

Quickly cool, hang and perfectly age game meat the way professional butchers and game processors do. Game Lockers will give you additional room for storage while keeping your meat fresh and cool. Our game walk-in coolers have an overhead rail system with sturdy game hooks to hold meat. Perfect for storing deer, turkey, or any other wild game. Can be used year-round for storing other food and beverages.

Walk in cooler

Our game meat refrigerators are available in two sizes with or without a floor:

  • 5’10” x 5’10” x 7’6” (115 volt)
  • 7’10” x 5’10” x 7’6” (115 volt)

Game Lockers come standard with:

  • 4” thick insulation which reduces wear and tear on the refrigeration system.
  • Self-contained, saddle mount refrigeration system.
  • Overhead rail system with gambrel and hoist to hold meat (8 gambrels with 6X8, 6 with 6X6).
  • Interior light
  • Self-closing door.
  • Keyed lock in handle with two keys.


  • Shelving – options available upon request.

Easy Installation:

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Game Locker