Why I buy U.S. Cooler®.  I have seen how the panels and units are built and I feel they are among the best in the industry.  The insulation product and metal skins are of high quality.  The panels fit well in the field due to the pre-construction U. S. Cooler® performs in their plant. Customer service has been there when I have had any questions or when dealing with the few issues I have had over the years. I believe in the product and the people I have had the pleasure of working with at U. S. Cooler®. I have to mention Sharon Martz and Sarah Barry as they have been very instrumental in my learning process and success in selling walk-in units over the last 8 years. Both have always been very prompt with quotes and helping me with any questions I may have.”  Kelly Fry – Kohl Wholesale

U.S. Cooler® is a ‘neighborly sort of organization’… one that is always there for you… dependable. U.S. Cooler® gives us that edge over our competitors with quick turn-around estimates. U.S. Cooler® has been totally responsive to our needs. J. W. Everett – Pine Commercial Services, Inc.

Our customer was extremely impressed with the box and how well it went together. He and his brother-in-law who also owns a refrigeration company put it together and could not believe the quality and ease of installation. They both said that they will certainly be using us and U.S. Cooler® from now on. We at Alps appreciate the hard work you and Jose have put into this for us. Thanks”  Scott Lewis – General Manager Alps Refrigeration Equip. Sales LLC

U.S. Cooler® is one of the most reliable companies to do business with!Gloria Koziol – Stuever & Sons, Inc.

… we have been using U.S. Cooler® walk-ins exclusively for the last 2 years. They have very reasonable delivery times, competitive pricing, and a great staff to work with. Tom Metz – Roger Supply Co.

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