Brew Cave®

The Brew Cave® is the largest kegerator on the residential market. It can hold over 30 cases of beer along with 6 kegs for just in case. The refrigeration is designed to hold the inside temperature at a crisp 32 degrees, to ensure a refreshing experience for each and every beer. Our modular panels consist of 4” thick vapor-proof insulation, you can rest assured that they’ll stay that way. The Brew Cave® unit is shipped to you quickly with setup taking only a couple hours! The Brew Cave® includes a draft beer dispensing system for convenience and can be retrofitted with more taps. It also has a locking glass door to deter would-be beer thieves. Whether you want to entertain guests, run a small bar, share your home brews or keep it all to yourself, the Brew Cave® is your beer storage solution.

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