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Trouble Shooting Guide

Click the following to view the U.S. Cooler Trouble Shooting Guide:

trouble shooting guideU.S. Cooler Trouble Shooting Guide

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Plain Text Version:

Ceiling overhangs walls: If walls are racked at the top, loosen wall cams and adjust walls so the tops of the walls line up. If walls are level at the top, loosen corner wall panel and bump out wall panel to line up with outer edge of ceiling. Lock ceiling to wall and relock corner seam.

Door doesn't shut: Check to make sure door closer is working properly and it is catching the hook. Check to make sure walls aren't racked. See installation instructions for further door alignment information.

Door sags: Check to make sure the floor is level. If not, shim as needed under correct door leg.

Ceiling Panels won't pull down to lock into walls: If walls have been locked to walk-in floor, unlock walls from the floor, lock ceiling panels down to walls and relock walls to floor. Cam wrench is binding in cam hole: Only insert the wrench far enough to catch them mechanism. Make sure you are inserting the tapered end of the wrench in the hole.



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