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walk-in cooler 6X6 sizeU.S. Cooler only sells through authorized walk-in dealers. These include foodservice equipment dealers, refrigeration wholesalers, refrigeration contractors and foodservice wholesalers.

We provide you with the tools you need to purchase a walk-in cooler or freezer quickly and cost effectively. With the click of a few buttons you can find a dealer near you, shop for the best price and purchase online. Type your zip code below to enter our online authorized dealer network. If you would like to contact a U.S. Cooler dealer in your area call 800.521.2665 to be connected.

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You can also find the ideal walk-in for your needs on Fastcooler.com and then find a dealer in your area.

Walk-In Coolers (with floor) 6X6X8 | 6X8X8 | 8X8X8 | 8X10X8

Walk-In Coolers (no floor) 6X6X8 | 6X8X8 | 8X8X8 | 8X10X8

Walk-In Freezers 6X6X8 | 6X8X8 | 8X8X8 | 8X10X8

Game Locker - Hunting Refrigerators 6X6X8 | 6X8X8

Brew Cave - Large Kegerator 7X5X8

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