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As a leading walk-in cooler manufacturer, U.S. Cooler outfits many convenience stores with walk-in coolers and freezers. We care about the convenience store industry and understand that the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted each person and business differently. Today, we take a look at how the pandemic has affected the convenience store industry as a whole and how the behavior of consumers has changed in response.

With many consumers working from home, convenience stores, or c-stores, took a hit. The everyday consumer who would typically stop in for breakfast items or an afternoon snack while filling up their gas tanks were playing it safe at home. According to NACS, one-third of consumers were no longer making their commute to work, and for c-stores, this meant a low in normal rush hour routines. During this time, we also saw gas prices hit a record low. Fewer consumers were filling up their tanks, and those who did fill up were spending a lot less on gas. The combination of the change in consumer routines, cost of goods, and an overall fear of the virus led to an 11.5% decrease in total convenience store sales from January to April when comparing sales to 2019.


The Infinity 090 Glass Door by Anthony International

The Elegant Edge – Infinity 090 Glass Door

Looking for a sleek new look for your glass door displays? Anthony International’s Infinity door offers a contemporary, elegant appeal with slim borders and a stylish handle. Anthony’s Infinity 090 Door is engineered for maximum efficiency and high durability with energy savings up to 70% compared to typical heated doors.  If you are looking for a contemporary style to showcase product, ask about the Infinity door option for your glass doors.

Features for the Infinity 090 Glass Doors

  • Cooler and Freezer options
  • Retrofit packages
  • EISA Compliant
  • T8 Lighting
  • Standard door rail finishes: satin silver or black
  • Handle options: chrome, satin silver or black
  • Black or white shelves with galvanized posts
  • Automatic hold-open and door stop
  • Magnetic door gaskets
  • Optional: energy controls, LED lighting, cylinder lock, french door frame and anti-fog add-ons





Anthony Infinity 090 Literature

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