The Risk of Selling Non-Compliant Walk-ins

U.S. lawSince EISA (Energy Independence and Security Act) was put into effect in 2009, there have been several regulations imposed on the walk-in cooler and freezer industry. Some of the requirements that are specified in EISA include prescriptive R-values, EC motors for refrigeration units and spring loaded hinges.  Manufacturers must register with the DOE stating they are compliant with all EISA regulations.

The DOE (Department of Energy), the government agency that regulates EISA, requires walk-in cooler manufacturers to be compliant with all EISA regulations. Some manufacturers may have a statement on their quote or website stating they are compliant, yet DOE only considers the manufacturers registered with the DOE and listed on their Certification List compliant.

Hefty fines have been levied for non compliant walk-in cooler/freezer manufacturers. It is our understanding the DOE may levy fines to dealers and end users who purchase walk-ins that are not EISA compliant.

Several manufacturers are certified with the DOE however; there are some that are not. It is important to make sure you are purchasing EISA compliant walk-ins to avoid any penalties or fines that could be imposed on you. A list of all compliant walk-in manufacturers is below or can be found on the DOE website.

Compliance Certification Manufacturer List

Arctic Industries, Inc.
Mr. Winter/ISO Panel
Arctic Temp
Hill Phoenix
Frank Door
International Cold Storage
American Panel
Cold Vault
U.S. Cooler

Final Note

We understand not everyone purchases U.S. Cooler walk-ins. However, U.S. Cooler wants to inform our dealers of the potential fines and penalties that can be imposed on you for not purchasing from a manufacturer on the list above. If you should have any questions regarding EISA and the requirements, visit our please visit our EISA information page or contact us.

Read the clarification from the Department of Energy regarding this issue.