Kason Changes with the Times

Although some of the hardware for commercial refrigeration, foodservice, step van and industrial equipment that Kason Industries Inc. manufactures is traditional, much of it evolves over time. “Some products we’ve been making since the 1950s and ‘60s,” Executive Vice President Burl Finkelstein points out. “They haven’t changed a lot since then.”

kason parts hardware
A sample of Kason’s walk-in hardware

But others have evolved with their various industries, and Kason must keep up with those trends. “The tricky part of our business is knowing our customer applications,” he reveals. For example, when the blowing agent used in insulating foam panels for walk-in refrigerators and freezers changed for environmental reasons, the fastener holding that foam had to evolve.

“As the foam blowing agent changed, how it adhered changed, and we had to go back to the panel fasteners that bond it and make sure the foam will bond to the fastener and work well with our fastener,” he continues. “As the market changed from mechanically latched doors to magnetic gaskets, we changed the hardware, made a lighter-weight hardware and went to pull handles.”

The current U.S. energy act mandates self-closing doors and minimal air infiltration for walk-in coolers and freezers. “So we have more focus on hinges that will close the doors more efficiently, and strip curtains and vinyl flex doors to block air infiltration when the door is open,” Finkelstein notes. “We’re keeping our fingers on the pulse of the market.”

Energy saving also is an active trend. “LED lighting has been a huge product for us,” Finkelstein points out. More efficient fluorescent light bulbs and ballasts also are proving popular. As for other products, Kason Industries supplies most of the components of commercial walk-in freezers and refrigerators, including the vent ports, pressure relief ports, temperature alarms, door windows, sliding door components and sensors.

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walkin door partsAt U.S. Cooler we utilize many high-quality Kason parts in our walk-in manufacturing.

Kason parts used:

  1. 1830 Series Ventilators – These pressure relief vents allow for easier opening of door and prevent structural damage due to pressure buildup.
  2. 1095 Spring Action Door Closer – This durable closer provides a fast and complete closure that you can depend on.
  3. 1248 Spring Loaded Hinge – The spring mechanism on this hinge adds extra closing force to overcome air resistance.
  4. 27C Locking Latch & Inside Release – This handle includes a slide latch that can be left in the open position during the day for easy opening and secured during non-business hours.