Freight Increases for Walk-in Cooler and Freezers

NMFTA logoAs of the beginning of 2015, shipping costs for walk-in coolers and freezers have risen an estimated 30% to 50% due to freight class reclassification. The National Motor Freight Traffic Association (NMFTA) standard’s board is systematically reassessing classifications for all types of commodities shipped via freight. NMFTA has increased the freight class of walk-ins and commercial refrigerators from 92.5 to 150.

NMFTA’s standards board groups products into 18 different freight classes from 50 up to 500. These standards are based on a product’s stowability, density, handling and liability. The change on walk-ins was made due to freight liability and a large number of damage claims. In 2014, freight charges for commercial refrigeration equipment, such as evaporator and condensing units, increased drastically due to reclassification. In 2015, air curtains and dishwashers are two more product types that are targeted for freight reclassification.

To learn more about these recent changes for commercial refrigerators and walk-ins you can read the NMFC’s disposition.