Firehouse Renovation on Illinois Stories

Craig Industries / U.S. Cooler’s corporate offices are located in a renovated firehouse in Quincy, Illinois. Engine House No. 4 was originally built in 1898 and housed two horse-drawn fire wagons. It was used by the fire department until 1940 and has subsequently been used for textile manufacturing. In the Fall of 2008, Craig Industries completed a restoration of the building that was faithful to the original design. The interior features modern amenities but still has a nostalgic feel with the original brick walls and  wooden supports intact.

Engine House No. 4 will be featured on the PBS program Illinois Stories at 6:30pm, December 10th (WSEC – Jacksonville/Springfield, WQEC – Quincy, QMEC – Macomb).

Illinois Stories: From the river heritage of Quincy and Hannibal, to the bounty of the richest farmland on earth, Mark McDonald hosts this Emmy award winning series about the people and places of central and western Illinois. PBS

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