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Has your walk-in cooler or freezer seen a lot of use and abuse over the years? Door parts on walk-ins are particularly susceptible due to heavy traffic and may become worn or break. In the past we have exclusively provided walk-in parts for our units by calling our parts line 866-261-2797 (8-5PM CST). U.S. Cooler is proud to announce the launch of our new parts website The site will allow you to create an account and save items in your cart to be purchased at a later date. It also offers the convenience of 24/7 ordering, free shipping, secure checkout and no minimum purchase amounts.

Currently, our online catalog only offers parts that are standard on U.S. Cooler walk-ins. These include cam locks, closers, gaskets, handles, hinges, light fixtures, screed and more. In the coming months, we will begin adding additional items to our catalog encompassing parts that require specific sizing or aren’t found on U.S. Cooler manufactured units.

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Walk-in Cooler Parts accepts Visa, Discover, and MasterCard. Appropriate sales taxes will be charged for shipments to California, Georgia, Illinois, Michigan, Missouri and Texas.

How to Replace Walk-in Refrigerator Door Gaskets

torn walk-in gasket
Torn gaskets should be replaced ASAP.

The vinyl door gasket on the inside edge of the door for your walk-in cooler or freezer is very important. It creates a seal the keeps cold air from escaping, which means the unit will stay colder longer and use less energy. Old gaskets wear out and lose their seal. Even worse, older gaskets can pose a food safety risk because they begin to collect grime and food bits and become a breeding ground for bacteria.

Luckily, it’s easy to replace door gaskets!  There are several different styles of gaskets. To insure you get the proper gasket, gather the following information:

1. Dimension of gasket – Measure from outside corner to outside corner for both height and width. For Some suppliers prefer the dart to dart measurements (center of gasket) or the door opening size. It’s best to measure several different areas to be sure you receive the correct size.

2. Manufacturer – Get the manufacturer’s name and the model and serial number of the walk-in. The tag containing this information may be in the door jamb or mounted somewhere on the inner frame.

magnetic gasket
Magnetic door gaskets are the most common.

3. Style –  Check to see if the gasket is magnetic or non-magnetic(compression). Almost all newer refrigeration equipment will have a magnetic gasket . A magnetic gasket will be hard and square at the point where it contacts the inside frame of the unit. Magnetic gaskets will also snap shut when you hold the door less than an inch from the frame because the magnet attracts to the metal.

compression style gasket
A compression style door gasket.

Compression gaskets usually need a door latch to hold them tight in place to get a good seal. These gaskets are soft and compress easily at the point where they contact the inside frame of the unit.

Door gaskets are also categorized by how they attach to the door.  There are 3 ways a door gasket mounts on a door: snap in (or dart), push in, and screw in.