Oklahoma Retailers are Preparing for Big Changes to Beer, Liquor and Wine Sales

The Oklahoma Regulations Governing the Sale of Wine and Beer Amendment, also known as State Question 792, was on the November 8, 2016 ballot in Oklahoma. The SQ 792 supported completely changing the laws governing alcohol sales and distribution in the state, allowing grocery stores and convenience stores the ability to sell full-strength beer and wine. The SQ 792 was approved and will go into effect starting October 1, 2018.

Currently, the Oklahoma law allows beverages containing less than 3.2% ethanol by weight or 4% alcohol by volume to only be sold in licensed liquor stores at room temperature. Grocery stores and convenience stores are able to sell low-point beer at refrigerated temperatures. However, with the passing of SQ 792, any establishment with an alcohol license will be allowed to sell full-strength beer and refrigerated wine.

Being able to sell refrigerated alcohol beverages is the key change for many retailers in Oklahoma. Several of these retail locations have already started preparing for the changes that will go into effect this fall. Liquor stores are adding refrigerated storage, merchandising coolers and beer caves to their retail locations. Convenience stores that were only able to sell certain alcohol at cold temperatures, can now add to their display coolers. Retailers that have not started to prepare for these changes will need to act fast.

Although U.S. Cooler does not sell direct to merchants, we can help in the design and planning stages for additional cold storage space. Whether additional merchandising coolers or a Brew Cave is needed, U.S. Cooler can help retailers create the cold storage merchandising space required for this change.

Beer display in convenience store



U.S. Cooler manufactures walk-in coolers and freezers supported with a complete line of engineered refrigeration systems, glass doors, parts and accessories. To learn more about U.S. Cooler, visit www.uscooler.com.


Beer Stores to Expand Current Cold Storage Displays in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania – The state of Pennsylvania is undergoing a dramatic change on how beer is sold to consumers in the state. Among other things, the new bill that will go into effect January 14 will allow single-bottle, six-pack, mix-and-match six pack and growler sales at beer distributors. Thus being a dramatic change from how beer is sold today, beer distributors will be renovating their displays to accommodate the single, six-pack and growler beer products. Retailers will need to act fast to accommodate this additional cold storage space before January 14.

Brew Cave by U.S. Cooler specializes in beer storage and can help facilitate in the design process for new cold storage display coolers. Many beer distributors will be expanding their current walk-in cold storage space and will have limited options for additional display. Brew Cave focuses on custom walk-in coolers and display coolers that can fit most any design specification. From growler coolers to keg warehouses to display coolers, Brew Cave specializes in any type of beer storage.

Need assistance in designing and planning for these changes? Brew Cave by U.S. Cooler is ready to assist merchants in designing their new cold storage space to display these new products. Although Brew Cave by U.S. Cooler does not sell direct to beer distributors, a factory sales representative is located in Pennsylvania and available to facilitate with any cold storage needs.




Visit Brew Cave or U.S. Cooler for information on cold storage options.


Refrigeration Solutions for Craft Breweries

brewery countThe craft brewery industry has seen exponential growth this decade, fueled by consumer demand for full-flavored beers. According to the Brewers Association there are 3,040 breweries operating in the U.S., 99% of which are small, independent craft breweries.1 With thousands more breweries in the planning stages, this trend shows no sign of slowing.

The logistics of how to keep beer cold and fresh before shipping to the consumer is vital to the success of any craft brewer. That’s why Brew Cave by U.S. Cooler is introducing their new line of walk-in coolers for the brewery industry. Brew Cave is best known for its walk-in kegerator for residential bars, but now produces everything from keg storage warehouses to tap house coolers.

tapped kegs
Kegs rigged up to supply a tasting room.

Every brewery has unique needs and budgets. Brew Cave’s flexible design process allows them to easily create custom walk-in coolers. Whether the cooler needs to be angled, have reach-in glass doors, operate with minimum sound, be located outdoors or any other special case, Brew Cave is up to the task. Their parent company U.S. Cooler has been in operation since 1986 and its employees have extensive experience catering to a wide assortment of industries from bars, convenience and grocery stores to scientific and manufacturing facilities.

The Brew Cave on NBC’s Take It All

U.S. Cooler’s Brew Cave had the wonderful privilege to be featured as a prize on a number of high profile game shows in December, one of them being “Take It All”.

On December 10th, the Brew Cave was a round 1 prize on the premiere of NBC’s week-long event Take It All. Take It All, hosted by Howie Mandel, is a “Yankee swap” style game show in which contestants can take an opponent’s prize or get an unknown prize from the “dream screen”.brew cave take it all

The Brew Cave is a walk-in kegerator for the consumer market that features a LED lit glass door, 4” thick insulation, an external tap and storage space for over 30 cases of beer and 6 kegs. Follow Brew Cave on Facebook or Twitter.

Beer Caves – The Perfect Beverage Refrigerator

beer cave in convenience storeRegardless if you are remodeling or building new stores, why not increase the use of your space and install a beer cave for your alcoholic beverages? Beer caves have grown to be very popular in the convenience store industry offering a bright inviting room for customers to browse their selection. Beer caves can come in any shape or size. They are all custom designed to fit your plans. Consider the advantages the beer cave can provide for you and your customers.

inside a beercave
Beer Caves allow you to have much more merchandise readily available to consumers.

Bright lights, glass doors and windows can make an old drab corner turn into an inviting alcoholic beverage oasis. It is proven that bright lights and colorful graphics grab people’s attention attracting more customers to the product. Customers like to see all their choices right in front of them. The beer cave consolidates all beer and alcoholic beverages in one area so it is easy for people to find what they are looking for, grab and go.

The Brew Cave Goes Viral

All it took was one article by tech site Gizmodo for the Brew Cave to become the ultimate wish-list item for thousands of beer lovers and home brewers. For the uninitiated, the Brew Cave is a walk-in kegerator that comfortably stores 30 cases of beer and 6 kegs. Since the first article, stories have popped up all over the internet including TIME, Uncrate and even an interview with our VP of Operations at Craft Cans. The Brew Cave represents an idea whose time has come.

brew cave walk-in kegerator

You can now Like Brew Cave on Facebook or Follow Brew Cave on Twitter.

Brew Caves are available to purchase online by going to Brew Cave’s website and entering your zip code for a list of distributors near you.

Brew Cave Takes Beer Storage to New Level

The U.S. Cooler “Brew Cave” is a high efficiency cooler package to small commercial and residential customers. brew beer caveWith the  unit’s lower price, higher efficiency, and several color choices; this commercial grade walk-in will be of great interest to home brewers, microbreweries, small bar/club and residential users. Unlike the usual beer caves found in Convenience Stores, U.S. Cooler has designed Brew Cave to fit in a small space and still offer tons of storage for beer, soda or any cold beverage at a very competitive price. This convenient high efficiency package includes everything necessary for a walk-in beverage cooler; refrigeration, shelving and draft beer dispensing system.

The Brew Cave is available in one standard model size, 6’10” x 4’10” x 7’6” but dimensions can also be customized to suit your requirements. The small size lends itself to the ability of fitting in most basements, garages, bars or clubs. The Brew Cave can store over 30 cases of beer and 6 or more kegs, all while keeping them cold and ready to enjoy.

NRA 2010 Introducing the Brew Cave

U.S. Cooler  exhibited at the NRA Show in Chicago, May 22-25, 2010.

Since last NRA (National Restaurant Association), U.S. Cooler has been busy working with lean and efficiency engineers designing new walk-ins that reduce waste, inventory, time, and costs. All of these factors together equal savings for dealers and consumers. Providing customers with quality, affordable walk-ins in a convenient amount of time has always been U.S. Cooler’s highest priority.

U.S. Cooler, through their discount dealer program, passes savings on to consumers via the internet. Quick delivery, quality product, and competitive prices have drawn customers from across the nation to buy walk-in coolers and freezers from U.S. Cooler’s internet dealers online. Check out www.fastcooler.com, the internet’s best resource for discount walk-in cooler and freezer dealers.

U.S. Cooler Walk-in Brew CaveThe U.S. Cooler Brew Cave offers an abundance of cold storage space for beer, soda or any cold beverage. It can store over 30 cases of beer and 4 or more kegs, all while keeping them cold and ready to drink. The Brew Cave is perfect for restaurants, bars, clubs, hotels, country clubs etc. Everything needed for your Brew Cave is included in one convenient package; refrigeration, shelving and draft beer dispensing system. The Brew Cave can be any standard size and has many add-on features. With shelving that is designed to provide the most cold storage space possible in the footprint of the walk-in, the Brew Cave is sure to provide you with the most efficient storage space available.