Brew Cave Takes Beer Storage to New Level

The U.S. Cooler “Brew Cave” is a high efficiency cooler package to small commercial and residential customers. brew beer caveWith the  unit’s lower price, higher efficiency, and several color choices; this commercial grade walk-in will be of great interest to home brewers, microbreweries, small bar/club and residential users. Unlike the usual beer caves found in Convenience Stores, U.S. Cooler has designed Brew Cave to fit in a small space and still offer tons of storage for beer, soda or any cold beverage at a very competitive price. This convenient high efficiency package includes everything necessary for a walk-in beverage cooler; refrigeration, shelving and draft beer dispensing system.

The Brew Cave is available in one standard model size, 6’10” x 4’10” x 7’6” but dimensions can also be customized to suit your requirements. The small size lends itself to the ability of fitting in most basements, garages, bars or clubs. The Brew Cave can store over 30 cases of beer and 6 or more kegs, all while keeping them cold and ready to enjoy.

The Brew Cave offers homeowners the convenience of owning a commercial walk-in cooler for their residence. Offering over 20 different colors, the Brew Cave can be designed to blend in or become the focal point of the room. All beer, soda, juice, bottled water, etc. can conveniently be stored in one cooler instead of multiple refrigerators or small coolers.

With shelving that is designed to provide the most cold storage space possible in the footprint of the walk-in, the Brew Cave provides the most efficient storage space available. Everything needed for the ultimate kegerator is included; walk-in cooler, LED lighting, lockable glass entry door, refrigeration, shelving and draft beer dispensing system. The only thing needed is the beer!

Visit for product information and to purchase a Brew Cave.

  • Vancouver Cooled Storage November 30, 2010 at 5:15 pm

    Wow, this Brew Cave really looks good and i love the design it looks so chic with the black color and I’m glad it can fit to smaller place but have a bigger storage for sodas.

  • Preston Coghill January 14, 2014 at 2:28 pm

    Can I please have the cost of this equipment…Thank you

    • David January 14, 2014 at 2:38 pm

      You can find the standard Brew Cave model available for purchase through various dealers online. The prices they charge will vary. You can also get a quote on a personalized unit here

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