How to Install a Walk In Cooler?

How to Install a Walk In Cooler?

All U.S. Cooler walk-ins are test assembled in our plant before shipment to assure that all the panels and parts fit nicely together and meet our stringent quality standards. We provide a layout drawing with each panel labeled and an installation manual with pictures to assist in easy assembly. The walk in will go together better than any other walk in on the market. Most installation problems, if any, have to do with site preparation. Taking your time and following instructions any person should be able to install a U.S. Cooler walk in.

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Sales Manager Jon San Juan

Introducing Regional Sales Manager:

Jon San Juan

U.S. Cooler is pleased to announce Jon San Juan has joined the U.S. Cooler Sales staff. Jon is now the Regional Sales Manager for our Southwestern Territory which includes the states of California, Arizona and Nevada. He will be based out of his home office in Anaheim, CA and can be reached at 562.279.4490 or Email jon[at]

Southwestern Sales Manager

Sales Support and Customer Service will continue to be based out of our Quincy, IL, facility.

Jon has over 22 years of experience in the refrigeration industry. His experience with engineering, product development, sales and marketing in the industry makes him a valued addition to this territory and our organization’s aim to enhance dealer support.

New Concealed Freight Damage Policy

Concealed Freight Damage Time Window

The NMFC (National Motor Freight Classification) has made changes to the window of time you have to report damage to freight carriers. Concealed freight damage to your shipment previously could have been reported within 15 days of delivery, but as of April 18, 2015 all concealed freight damage must be reported within 5 business days of delivery. Concealed damage refers to any damaged that was not able to be seen at the time of delivery. If 5 business days pass between delivery and the reporting of damage (or request for inspection by the buyer), it is up to the buyer to provide evidence that damage was not incurred after the shipment had been delivered. Call to report any damage you see on your shipment to the freight company as soon as it is noticed. Be sure to leave the shipping container and its contents in the same condition as when the damage was discovered (as much as possible) so a proper inspection can be done.

Read the entire document from the NMFC – Supplement 1 to NMF 100-AOU.S. Cooler logo "Concealed Freight Damage"

Indoor vs Outdoor Walk-in Cooler Location

Location is Everything

Choosing the location of your walk-in cooler to be indoors or outdoors is a very important decision. Once the walk-in cooler or freezer is installed it will be a large hassle and waste of money if you change your the location. Here are some considerations to take into account before making your decision.

indoor walk-in cooler location
Indoor walk-ins can take up precious usable area. Find the best location for your walk-in cooler!

Space Requirements – Whether your location is indoors or outdoors you will have to account for the amount of space needed. For indoor walk-ins you need at least 6 inches of airspace above the walk-in and 2 inches on all sides for proper airflow. An indoor condensing unit needs to be easily accessible for cleaning and repairs and should have plenty of airspace all around it. Some customers request hatches in their walk-in’s ceiling to easily access top-mount units. You may consider an outdoor walk-in if your indoor space is limited or if you’d like room to grow in the future. Be sure your property is large enough to house the size of outdoor walk-in you require.

Outdoor walk-in butted against the building.

Butted vs Freestanding – A freestanding walk-in will be a separate structure and have a door that opens to the outside. A butted walk-in will usually have a door opening to the inside of your building. The panels of a butted walk-in will be butted up against the building on one or more sides. Butted walk-ins will not require a drip cap and the door and its hardware will last longer since it’s not exposed to the elements. Freestanding units should be equipped with locks as they are susceptible to theft.

Condensing Unit Location – If you own a restaurant or any other consumer-based business, you don’t want a loud refrigeration unit ruining the ambiance. There are refrigeration units designed to be quiet, but most of the time a remote refrigeration unit is your best option. A remote unit allows you to locate your condensing unit outside the building, even if your walk-in is inside. Condensing units also give off heat which is not optimal when you’re trying to cool your building. Keep refrigeration units away from any heat sources such as vents, fryers, or ovens and anything that can get the unit dirty or greasy.

Freight Increases for Walk-in Cooler and Freezers

NMFTA logoAs of the beginning of 2015, shipping costs for walk-in coolers and freezers have risen an estimated 30% to 50% due to freight class reclassification. The National Motor Freight Traffic Association (NMFTA) standard’s board is systematically reassessing classifications for all types of commodities shipped via freight. NMFTA has increased the freight class of walk-ins and commercial refrigerators from 92.5 to 150.

NMFTA’s standards board groups products into 18 different freight classes from 50 up to 500. These standards are based on a product’s stowability, density, handling and liability. The change on walk-ins was made due to freight liability and a large number of damage claims. In 2014, freight charges for commercial refrigeration equipment, such as evaporator and condensing units, increased drastically due to reclassification. In 2015, air curtains and dishwashers are two more product types that are targeted for freight reclassification.

To learn more about these recent changes for commercial refrigerators and walk-ins you can read the NMFC’s disposition.

Focusing on You – NAFEM 2015

nafem-showThis year at the NAFEM show U.S. Cooler will be displaying a custom L-shaped walk-in featuring custom doors and windows. U.S. Cooler is widely known for their ease of producing high-quality custom walk-in coolers and freezers at unbeatable prices. U.S. Cooler has always differentiated themselves in their industry. From the ease of custom-ability, to offering different insulation types, to local factory experts, U.S. Cooler is like nobody else.

U.S. Cooler is one of the only companies that gives you a choice when it comes to the insulation of your walk-in cooler or freezer. By offering both extruded foam insulation and foamed-in place urethane, U.S. Cooler puts the choice in your hands. Both products are made with superior quality, design flexibility and exceptional performance. Depending on the requirements for your job, U.S. Cooler gives you the option of choosing the insulation to fit your needs.

U.S. Cooler’s unique manufacturing process allows them to manufacture custom walk-in coolers and freezers in an automated fashion. This provides their customers with custom designed walk-ins at no extra cost or production time. U.S. Cooler leads the industry in this capability.

U.S. Cooler is one of the only walk-in manufacturers that have factory specialists living locally and helping you. All sales managers are direct employees of U.S. Cooler, live in their territory and only focus on one product line rather than several. Sales managers are in the field to help you every step of the way. From the initial site assessment and measurements to a delivered product, U.S. Cooler offers the all-around best customer service in the industry.

Visit U.S. Cooler at the NAFEM Show this year in Anaheim, CA February 19-21, 2015 booth #433 to see how U.S. Cooler’s capabilities can work for you!

SCHOTT Gemtron Exits North American Market

Here is the letter from glass door manufacturer Anthony International regarding the SCHOTT Gemtron announcement.

Dear Valued Customer:

I would like to inform you that SCHOTT Gemtron has determined to discontinue its North American Food Display operations at its Vincennes, IN, production facility, and has offered to sell certain manufacturing assets to Anthony.  Anthony has decided to purchase these assets, which consist of the manufacturing equipment used for commercial food display refrigeration and freezer products.  SCHOTT Gemtron is a United States joint venture of SCHOTT Group and AGC Glass Company North America.

As part of this asset purchase, Anthony will be able to supply SCHOTT Gemtron customers in North America (US, Canada, Mexico) with our full product offerings and customer support during this transition.  This transaction complements Anthony’s planned expansion of our overall plant capacity and capabilities.

Anthony is looking forward to providing our customers throughout the industry with the products they need to continue to successfully operate their businesses. We welcome the opportunity to meet with each of you to better understand your needs and to provide you with the very best value added solutions possible.

For more information on Anthony, please visit us online at  To find the Sales Representative assigned to your area, you may utilize our Sales Rep locator tool found under the Contact Us portion of our website.

Sean E McGrann
Vice President, Sales & Marketing

U.S. Cooler Mobile Site

U.S. Cooler mobile site on a smartphoneU.S. Cooler has released an updated version of our mobile site for our dealers and customers on the go with smartphones and tablets. This site will allow you to check the status of your order from the main page (all you need is the job number and dealer phone number). As you’re completing a job you can easily pull up installation instructions or our troubleshooting guide. You can also view product information, find dealer sales websites, call U.S. Cooler, size refrigeration and much more.

Currently we are not automatically redirecting mobile users from to Users will have to type in or click the “View on Mobile Site” banner that will appear on our main site when viewed from your phone. What are your opinions of automatic redirection from standard to mobile websites? Is there any other information you would find useful on our mobile website?