Anthony Transparent LCD Glass Doors with Video & Animation

Anthony, a manufacturer of commercial glass refrigerator and freezer doors, announced it will debut first-ever Transparent LCD Refrigerated Glass Doors at the 2011 NACS (National Association of Convenience Stores) tradeshow at McCormick Place in Chicago, IL.

Anthony debuted this innovative new product with a 5 door display of Transparent LCD Refrigerated Glass Doors. Below you can see their iDoor Intelligent Merchandising display.

Brew Cave Takes Beer Storage to New Level

The U.S. Cooler “Brew Cave” is a high efficiency cooler package to small commercial and residential customers. brew beer caveWith the  unit’s lower price, higher efficiency, and several color choices; this commercial grade walk-in will be of great interest to home brewers, microbreweries, small bar/club and residential users. Unlike the usual beer caves found in Convenience Stores, U.S. Cooler has designed Brew Cave to fit in a small space and still offer tons of storage for beer, soda or any cold beverage at a very competitive price. This convenient high efficiency package includes everything necessary for a walk-in beverage cooler; refrigeration, shelving and draft beer dispensing system.

The Brew Cave is available in one standard model size, 6’10” x 4’10” x 7’6” but dimensions can also be customized to suit your requirements. The small size lends itself to the ability of fitting in most basements, garages, bars or clubs. The Brew Cave can store over 30 cases of beer and 6 or more kegs, all while keeping them cold and ready to enjoy.

Body Refrigerators for Mortuaries & Funeral Homes

mortuary body cooler
Three body unit with rolling shelving.

U.S. Cooler provides mortuary coolers built to meet the demands of Funeral Directors, Coroners, Medical Labs and many other temperature controlled environments. These systems come equipped with a heavy duty stationary rack system for ease of loading and unloading. Our high quality, energy efficient mortuary refrigerators are made to meet sanitation requirements and are NSF and UL approved. Our standard sized unit is 8’ x 3’ x 6’ with a floor and is a 3 body model. U.S. Cooler can also build any custom size mortuary cooler to meet your specifications.

Visit our website for more information on our mortuary refrigerators or download our brochure.

mortuary brochure Mortuary Brochure

Copeland Scroll Outdoor Condensing Unit

Copeland now carries outdoor condensing units for the food service industry. There new light weight, slim shaped units are available in medium and low temperatures ranging from 2 – 6 horsepower.

Copeland Scroll Outdoor Condensing Units are perfectly suited for walk-in cooler and freezer applications. All units integrate the many benefits of the Copeland Scroll compressor technology, fan speed control and Copeland Performance Alert™ diagnostic controls, and are available in 208/230 single-phase and 208/230 three-phase voltage applications.

copeland scroll unitScroll compressors offer the highest energy efficiency levels to lower energy bills. With integrated controls that optimize fan motor speed to maximize the heat transfer through over-sized condenser coils, additional energy savings are achieved. The average energy savings for end-users is $350 per year for a 3HP medium temperature unit, however this number could be greater depending on the application.

Energy Efficient Copeland Scroll Compressors for Walk-ins

Copeland Scroll Refrigeration Compressor

Save valuable resources with energy efficient Copeland Scroll compressors, permanent split capacitor motors and electronically commutated evaporator motors on your next refrigeration system purchase. Scroll condensing units are available for medium and low temperature refrigeration applications. The condensing units are optimized to work with HFC refrigerant R-404A, a reliable alternative to HCFC R-22. As the energy efficiency trend increases, the use of scroll compressors is a more important feature than ever before. Scroll compressors are inherently more reliable because they have significantly fewer moving parts and handle liquid slugs and debris more effectively. The scroll technology has only three moving parts, as compared to the standard hermetic compressors that have 150 plus moving parts. Scroll is effective in using less energy or amp draws verses the standard hermetic compressor. Copeland studies indicate that up to a 15% reduction in energy use is experienced for most applications. When adding the benefit of PSC motors on condensers and EC motors for evaporators, energy use will decrease. Sizing refrigeration equipment to operate for 14 to 16 hours instead of the traditional 16 to 18 hour run time will also save energy by using less kilowatts and costing less to operate compressors and motors.

Smart Defrost Kit for Walk-in Refrigeration

Make your refrigeration smart and save money by adding a Smart Defrost Kit (SDK) to your walk-in refrigeration system. SDK decreases the amount of defrost cycles in commercial walk-in refrigeration units by 30-40%. Typical electrical defrost refrigeration systems are scheduled to defrost at regular intervals, which is not always the most efficient or safe way. For applications where food safety is critical such as restaurants, convenience stores and grocery stores, the SDK works to protect perishable products as well as enables refrigeration systems to operate more efficiently, ultimately saving you money. All systems are different, which is why SDK takes time to study your system and helps decrease energy costs by keeping the box temperatures consistent. The SDK works by using temperature and pressure sensors to constantly monitor the system.

sdk-kitClick here for more information on Smart Defrost Kits.

Check out their savings calculator that demonstrates how much money you could save by installing a Smart Defrost Kit.